Tramp Oil Removal

Models range from single to multiple sumps; compressed air to electric driven systems; units that are floor standing, cart mounted, or magnetically mounted to the machine.

  • TKO Units with Air Pumps
    Dedicated tramp oil removal systems using rugged air operated pumps. TKO units can be floor mounted, or magnetically secured to the machine tool.
  • Portable Tramp Oil Units
    High flow rate portable tramp oil separators keep coolant clean in 10+ sumps!
  • ECO Tramp Oil Skimmer
    Economical tramp oil coalescer with electric pumps for coolant with minimal solids content.
  • Black Magic Oil Skimmer Package
    The black magic oil skimmer package makes all of the standard skimmer problems disappear!
  • Oil Separators For Hot Wash Water
    Separate oil from hot parts-washer water—high flow pump/separator units, shipped ready-to-run.
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