A Keller TKO pump/skimmer rapidly sweeps out tramp oil, filters and aerates the entire sump.


Extended tool life


Smoke & odor eliminated


Minimize labor


Reduce downtime


Eliminate waste


Made in the USA

Get These Benefits:

  • Extended tool life, improved parts finish
  • Smoke & odor eliminated
  • Multiplied coolant life = Much less machine downtime, greatly reduced coolant purchase & disposal costs

Exclusive Keller Advantages:

  • Superior tramp oil separation
    The Keller patented permanent oil separating (coalescing) element provides extraordinary surface area in a small package, providing excellent oil splitting in a compact design.
  • Rugged construction
    By using only 1/2" air-driven pumps, Keller has eliminated the numerous operating and reliability problems associated with electrical pumps or smaller air diaphragm pumps.
  • Ease of setup and operation
    A TKO unit ships UPS in one box, and setup time is about 15 minutes. Only a 1/4" compressed air line is required to run the unit. Minimal operator attention is needed.
  • Inexpensive
    Even including the 1/2" air pump, the unique Keller TKO compact design is 30% to 50% less costly than other comparatively equipped systems.

How It Works

The self-priming air operated pump pulls the tramp oil/coolant mixture from the surface of the sump through the floating inlet device, then through a cartridge filter which removes any chips from the fluid. The oil/coolant mixture is then pumped through the patented Keller all-plastic separator element immersed in a separator tank. The cleaned coolant continuously returns to the sump. The oil layer collects on the top of the separator tank and is occasionally drained into a waste oil container, simply by opening the oil drain valve. To clean the Keller patented coalescing pack, simply unthread the disc pack from the coupling and wash. Then re-assemble.

How much money will you save?

About $4000 per sump, per year

Payback 3 months (or less)!

Selecting and Installing a TKO Separator:

Three models of TKO Separators are offered, to satisfy any combination of sump size, oil loading, and coolant characteristics. [Selection criteria listed in table below] Each TKO Separator is shipped by UPS complete, ready for setup. The customer supplies only a 1/4″ compressed air line. The unit may be set on the floor adjacent to the sump, or hung on the machine tool using the CLO-1 magnetic frame (see photo).


Price: $1295.00


For Sump Sizes: 25-150 gallons

Tramp Oil Loading: Moderate

Footprint: 14″ x 14″

Height: 24″

Weight: 39 lbs

Compressed air requirements: 0.5 SCFM @ 20 psig (Air Regulator included)

Electricals: None

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Price: $1395.00


For Sump Sizes: 25-200 gallons

Tramp Oil Loading: Heavy

Footprint: 14″ x 14″

Height: 30″

Weight: 47 lbs

Compressed air requirements: 0.5 SCFM @ 20 psig (Air Regulator included)

Electricals: None

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Price: $1495.00


For Sump Sizes: 25-250 gallons

Tramp Oil Loading: Very Heavy

Footprint: 14″ x 14″

Height: 36″

Weight: 55 lbs

Compressed air requirements: 0.5 SCFM @ 20 psig (Air Regulator included)

Electricals: None

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Accessory Items (All Models)


“Cling-On” frame with magnets, to mount TKO-6 to side of machine tool (CLO-1)



Replaceable filter element, 150 micron, 10″ long (R10-3150)


$6.25 each

Optional Bag Filter, with 5 filter bags (BA-0475-TKO)


$875.00 each

Pack of 5 25 micron filter bags for BA-0475 (RAP-25)


$40 per pack

Automatic Timer for Untended Operation of TKO Units (TBV-1)


Get these benefits:

  • Ideal for shops with limited compressed air supply
  • TKO unit can be run untended during off-hours
  • Eliminates operator involvement in daily TKO operation

Features Include:

  • Built-in 7-day programmable timer
  • Easy to program
  • Multiple cycles possible each day
  • Lithium battery protects program for five years
  • Large LCD display


How the Automatic Timer Valve Works

The Keller TBV-1 automatic timer ball valve, mounted on the compressed air supply to a TKO dedicated sump cleaner, will open and close the compressed air supply for a selected duration on a programmable schedule. With the TBV-1 valve, the TKO unit can be operated and shut down periodically with no operator attention.



Additional Inlet Devices

The YAZ-8 Fixed Inlet Device.jpg

The YAZ-8 Fixed Inlet Device

BT-12 Floating Inlet Device

BT-12 Floating Inlet Device
(3” wide x 12” long)

RSM-3 Floating Inlet Device

RSM-3 Floating Inlet Device
(8” wide x 8” long)

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