Oil and water filtration products

Keller Products offers multiple options for controlling solids contamination for both water based coolants and straight oils. The portable pump/filter unit is great for removing sludge and chips from machine sumps. Keller filters can remove particles down to 1 micron in size, and handle pressures up to 300 psig.

Portable Pump Sump-Side Pump/Filter

Portable pump/filter systems can remove both floating and settled chips and fines from coolant or oil. Flow rates as high as 20 GPM, and filtration down to 1 Micron.

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Keeping Solids Level Low in Sumps:

  • Greatly increases tool life, minimizes tool breaking due to dirty fluid
  • Eliminates parts finish problems
  • Reduces burden on high pressure filter
  • Minimizes downtime and labor for manually cleaning sumps

The Unit:

  • Pulls from sump and continuously returns filtered fluid to the sump at high flow rate
  • No need to pump out sump or shovel solids
  • Cleans a typical sump in minutes, then can easily be moved to the next sump
  • Portable unit keeps multiple sumps clean
  • Also filters and recycles fluid from chip spinners or chip compactors
  • Air-operated––No electricals––Inherently fireproof

In-Line Coolant Filters

Economical Inline Coolant Filters: Proprietary cleanable filter design for removing chips from coolant supply lines.  Filter assemblies rated up to 300 PSIG.

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  • In-line filters protect to-the-spindle, through-the-spindle and through-the-tool coolant systems, preventing tool breakage & machine shutdowns
  • Keller permanent cleanable filter elements never need replacement
  • Keller filters are easily installed in-shop in the coolant lines

Exclusive Features

  • High flow rate–One 10″ element can handle 25 gpm
  • Keller permanent filter elements have superior solids holding capacity, far better than screens or disposable filters.
  • Available with stainless steel housings rated at 300 psig
  • Compact design, easy to install on any machine
  • Inexpensive to purchase, no replaceable parts
  • Ideal for shops, machine tool distributors & OEMs

In-Line Bag Filters

Inline Bag Filters: Remove chips and fine particles as small as 1 micron from coolant or cutting oils. Ideal for protecting cutting tools and spindles.

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  • In-line bag filters protect to-the-spindle, through-the-spindle and through-the-tool coolant systems, preventing tool breakage & machine shutdowns
  • Cleaning cutting oil or coolant greatly extends tool life
  • Keller bag filters are easily installed in-shop in the oil or coolant lines
  • Low cost, long life filter bags are easily replaced in a couple of minutes

Keller bag filter housings with felted polyester bags provide excellent solids holding capacity to ensure uninterrupted runs. Filter bags are easily changed without tools in a couple of minutes. The economical filter bags are available in ratings from 1 micron to 100 microns at the same prices. 25 micron bags are supplied as standard, or the customer may specify a different micron rating. The filter housings, available in 3/4″ and 1-1/2″ pipe sizes, are easily shop-installed downstream from the oil or coolant pump. Maximum operating pressure is 300 psig.


Washable Water Filters

Filters with permanent, washable elements clean even the dirtiest water supplies.

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If dirty coolant machined better, no one would ever dump it.  Removing the tramp oil from the coolant offers these BENEFITS:

  • A quick wash restores the filter element to new condition
  • Permanent elements quickly pay for themselves through savings in replacement cartridge costs
  • No inventory of replacement cartridges needed
  • Eliminate the problem and expense of disposing of contaminated filter cartridges
  • Fit the permanent elements in your existing standard 5″, 10″, & 20″ filter housings without modification, or order from Keller’s complete line of filter assemblies

Keller Products units set the industry standard for offering the best value in the market. Our combination of durability, performance, and cost is unrivaled. Keller units have these distinct FEATURES:

  • Filter Assemblies from 3/8″ to 2″ Lines Sizes Available
  • Filtration as fine as 300 mesh (50 micron)
  • Long life between washings because of the depth-filter characteristics of the unique stacked-disc design
  • Excellent performance with slimy solids and algae, as well as with granular solids
  • Flow rates to 150 GPM
  • Immediate shipment from stock

Cleaners for Oily Wastewater

Clean oil from air line condensate for safe disposal with pump/filter unit add controller for hands-off operation.

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