Dedicated Filtration Systems

In-line bag filters remove chips & fines from cutting oil or coolant to as fine as 1 micron.


  • All units supplied with rugged air diaphragm pump.
  • New design inlet device handles floating fines exceptionally well.
  • Unique filter housing design allows for substantial filtration capabilities in a lightweight, compact footprint.
  • In-house customer plastic fabrication capabilities allow for custom designed systems.


  • Continuously remove chips and fines from machine tool sumps.
  • Protect expensive machine parts and tooling by keeping the coolant filtered continuously.
  • Eliminate costly downtime due to plugging coolant lines and machine sump clean-outs.
  • Systems can be magnetically mounted directly to the machine tool to conserve floor space.

How the Dedicated Pump Filter Works

The PFA-0507 units contains a medium bag filter and a rugged 1/2” air operated diaphragm pump, mounted in a frame. The discharge and return hoses are provided with the unit. With a recirculation rate up to 10 gallons per minute, the PFA-0507 can clean the coolant in a typical sump in a matter of minutes. Since the unit is independent from the machine operation, servicing the filter does not interfere with the machining cycle.

PFA-0507-SPO Specifications

Flow Rate 10 GPM
Compressed Air Requirements 2 SCFM @ 50 PSIG
Electricals None
Dimensions of Frame 27”L x 11”W
Shipping Weight (Shipped UPS) 39 lbs.

Ordering Information

Includes all hoses, frame, and five 25 micron filter bags
Polyester felt bags, 25 microns, 5/box
Additional Filter Bags:
Note: Other micron ratings 1, 5, 10, 50, and 100
$40.00/box of 5
Reusable nylon mesh bags, 100 microns, 5/box
$50.00/box of 5
Bag Filter Magnet
$625.00 each

*Photos are examples of custom configurations, which can be fabricated to fit the specific requirements of the machine installation.


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