Cleanable Magnetic Rods

Permanent rare earth magnetic rod placed in filter bag cleans steel and iron chips from coolant or oil, extends life of filter bag 5 times or more.


Greatly extend life of filter bag


Powerful rare earth magnets


Made in the USA


Get These Benefits:

  • Remove ferrous particles before coolant flows through filter bag to greatly extend life of filter bag
  • External stainless steel sleeve is removed for easy cleaning of magnet
  • Powerful rare earth magnets
  • Neoprene bumpers on ends of magnet protect filter bag from damage---Simply place magnet inside filter bag, no installation hardware required
  • In-line bag filters to 1 micron are low cost, long life filter bags that prevent tool breakage & machine shutdowns.
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  • Can be used with Portable Pump Sump-Side Pump Filter to increases tool life, minimizes tool breaking due to dirty fluid.
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Keller specializes in equipment to maintain clean metalworking fluids. Call Keller for recommendations.

Keller Magnetic Separators In Service

Shown below are photos of some of our magnetic separators in service with identification of the machine tool.

MAG-0475 + BA-0475 at a pump manufacturer in Ohio.

MAG-0475 after 1 week.

MAG-0215 after 3 weeks. Photo sent by customer in Ohio.

Specifications and Ordering Information



MAG-0475Magnet for #4 Housing$625.00


MAG-0175Magnet for #1 Housing$715.00


MAG-0215Magnet for #2 Housing$895.00
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