Washable Water Filters

Filters with Permanent, Washable
Elements Clean Even the Dirtiest Water Supplies

New Filter Element Design Gives You These Benefits:
  • A quick wash restores the filter element to new condition
  • Permanent elements quickly pay for themselves through savings in replacement cartridge costs
  • No inventory of replacement cartridges needed
  • Eliminate the problem and expense of disposing of contaminated filter cartridges
  • Fit the permanent elements in your existing standard 10" & 20" filter housings without modification, or order from Keller's complete line of filter assemblies

Filter Water from Wells, Ponds, and Municipal Water Systems to Protect:
  • Plant and laboratory water supplies
  • Cooling water systems
  • Boiler feedwater systems
  • Water spray nozzles
  • Residential water supplies

Filter Assemblies from 3/8" to 2" Lines Sizes Provide:
  • Filtration as fine as 300 mesh (50 micron)
  • Long life between washings because of the depth-filter characteristics of the unique stacked-disc design
  • Excellent performance with slimy solids and algae, as well as with granular solids
  • Flow rate to 150 gpm
  • Immediate shipment from stock

To Select the Filter Grade:
  • Use the 40 mesh or 80 mesh (200 micron) grade when heavy solids loading is expected, or when only relatively coarse filtration is required - for example, in cooling water loops
  • Use the 130 mesh (100 micron) grade to remove essentially all visible solids from the liquid - for example, for residential water supply and drinking water
  • Use the 300 mesh (50 micron) grade to protect finer disposable filters or carbon cartridges


washable water filters
The novel filter elements are constructed of thin plastic discs with precisely-sized grooves, stacked on a central core. The large internal filter surface provides long life between cleanings. When cleaning is required, it is a simple job of a few minutes - no tools needed. The permanent filter elements fit in standard 10" cartridge filter housing without modifications.
Keller supplies filter assemblies containing the permanent, washable filter elements in line sizes from 3/8-inches to 2 inches (150 gallons per minute)

Specifications and Ordering Information

How to Select the Correct Size Filter Assembly

Keller supplies filter systems for line sizes from 3/8" to 2", with flow capacities to 150 gallons per minute. To select the correct size Keller filter assembly, specify the filter assembly with port size equal to the size of the line on which it will be installed. The flow rate in the line will likely be less than the rated flow of the filter at 2 psi pressure drop (see chart below), and therefore the initial pressure drop will likely be less than 2 psi.

Filter Assembly #038A #075A #101A #151A #S204 #S205
Port Size 3/8" NPTF 3/4" NPTF 1" NPTF 1-1/2" NPTF 2" NPTM 2" NPTM
Flow at 2 psi drop (gpm) 10 25 50 70 110 150
Max. Press. (psig) 125 -------------------------------------------------------------- 150  
Max. Temp. (°F) 125 -------------------------------------------------------------- 180  
Filter Elements Polyethylene & polypropylene, EPR gaskets --------------------------------------------
Housings Head: Polypropylene;
Bowl: SAN (Styrene-Acrylonitrile)
304 Stainless Steel
No. Filter Elements 1 1 2 2 4 4
Element Length 5" 10" 10" 10" 10" 20"
Shipping Weight (lbs) 3 5 13 13 26 34
Ordering Information, Assemblies with Filter Elements Installed:
40 Mesh 038A-2040 075A-2040 101A-2040 151A-2040 S204-2040 S205-2040
80 Mesh (200 micron) 038A-2080 075A-2080 101A-2080 151A-2080 S204-2080 S205-2080
130 Mesh (100 micron) 038A-2130 075A-2130 101A-2130 151A-2130 S204-2130 S205-2130
300 Mesh (50 micron) 038A-2300 075A-2300 101A-2300 151A-2300 S204-2300 S205-2300
Price $140.00 $185.00 $895.00 $895.00 $1895.00 $2475.00
Elements to Fit Standard Housings
Nominal Length 5" Elements 10" Elements 20" Elements
Sealing Length 4-7/8" - 5" 9-3/4" - 9-7/8" 19-3/4" - 20"
40 Mesh R05-2040 R10-2040 R20-2040
80 Mesh (200 micron) R05-2080 R10-2080 R20-2080
130 Mesh (100 micron) R05-2130 R10-2130 R20-2130
300 Mesh (50 micron) R05-2300 R10-2300 R20-2300
Price $95.00 $125.00 $245.00

Contact the Keller office at 1-800-352-8422 or 978-264-1911 for a recommendation on any specific application.