Oil Separators For Hot Wash Water

Separate Oil from Hot Parts-Washer Water---
High Flow Pump/Separator Units, Shipped Ready-to-Run

Get these benefits:
  • Remove suspended oil and recycle hot water at high flow rate
  • Compact Pump/Separator/Filter Units supplied ready to run
  • No new piping required, No electricals
  • Prefilters (included) for light solids load or heavy solids load
Keller Oil/Water Separators for Hot Water
Keller Pump/Separator Units separate suspended oil from a hot parts-washer water and return the cleaned water to the feed tank at a high flow rate-120 gal/hr. Units may be operated continuously at 160°F, and intermittently up to 180°F. The units are supplied with inlet devices which draw oily water from the tank surface. The self-priming air-operated diaphragm pumps have a suction lift of 10 feet and may be dead-ended or run dry without damage. The oil separator elements are permanent and are never replaced. A filter protects the pump and oil separator section. The Model #385 has a stainless steel bag filter for heavy solids loading, while the TKO-10HT has a cartridge filter with replaceable filter element for light solids loading. The compact units are shipped by UPS ready to operate. To run, simply place next to the wash tank and connect a 1/4" compressed air line, no electricals and no new piping required.

How the Oil/Water Separators Work
Oily water is pumped from the surface of the tank through a fixed inlet device #555-08 or (optional) floating inlet device #555-09, through the prefilter, and then to the Keller permanent plastic separator elements (U.S. Patent #5,401,404) immersed in a 10 gallon plastic tank. The separator elements cause the suspended oil drops to form a continuous layer that rises to the top of the 10 gallon separator tank. The cleaned water returns to the feed tank via an overflow port. The oil collected in the separator tank can be drained into a waste oil container by opening the oil drain valve occasionally. To clean the Keller patented coalescing pack, simply unthread the disk pack from the coupling and wash. Then re-assemble.
oil water separators
Model #385


floating inlet 555-09
Floating Inlet Device

Fixed Inlet Device

Specifications and Ordering Information

Model Order No.: #385 TKO-10HT
Cleaned water flow rate 120 gal/hr 120 gal/hr
Filter Stainless Bag Filter Cartridge Filter
Max Temperature, Continuous Operation 160F 160F
Inlet Devices Provided 1 each #555-08 Fixed Inlet Device--------------------------------
Compressed Air Requirement About 0.5 SCFM at 20 psig to 100 psig,
1/4" NPTF fitting
Electricals None  
Dimensions, LxW 20" x 20" 14" x 14"
Shipping Weight 100 lbs 47 lbs
Price $3545.00 $1895.00
Optional Accessories: Order No. Price
Cart, with mounting hardware #555-00 $300.00
Additional Inlet Devices
Note: 1 each #555-08 Inlet Device supplied with each Model
Fixed Inlet Device, High Temperature #555-08 $100.00
Large Floating Inlet Device, High Temperature #555-09 $120.00
Replacement Filters:
Note: 5 each 25-micron Polypropylene Filter Bags supplied with Model #385
  3 each Replacement Cartridge Filters supplied with TKO-10HT
Pack of 5 each 25-micron bags (Model #385) RAP-25 $40.00
Replacement cartridge filters (Model TKO-10HT) R10-3150 $6.25

Contact the Keller office at 1-800-352-8422 or 978-264-1911 for a recommendation on any specific application.